1958 GMC TDH-3714 Roanoke City Lines No. 102

This bus was destroyed by the fire.

The 102 was used in the filming of Killing Kennedy in the summer of 2013. The movie debuted on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday November 10, 2013 at 8 PM. Two museum volunteers, B.T. Fitzpatrick and William Thompson had brief cameo's in the movie.

This was the second Roanoke City bus of 10 GM TDH-3714s delivered in May of 1958. Eventually Roanoke City maintained 23 such buses.  These were Roanoke's first diesel-powered transit buses.  Coach 102 saw double duty as both a City bus and a school bus.


Safety Motor Transit became Roanoke City Lines in the 1960s, which later organized into Valley Metro in 1975.  This coach ran for all three organizations during its tenure of regular service until it was retired in April 1976.  Coach 102 was purchased by a private owner at that time; it would sit in a field on his property in the Bent Mountain section of Roanoke County for the next 25 years.  Coach 102 was donated to CC & T by the owner in 2001; within two years, CC & T brought it back to running condition.


The TDH-3714 (Transit Diesel Hydraulic 37 passenger 14th model of this size) was produced from 1953-1960.  These buses featured a Detroit Diesel 4v71—a fuel efficient four cylinder motor decades ahead of its time.


  • 4-v71 Diesel Engine

  • Hydraulic Transmission

  • 37 passenger


General info on GMC old look:


  • Length: 30, 35, 40 feet

  • Width: 95, 102

  • Height: 113 inches

  • Wheelbase: 239, 282 inches

  • Typical engine: DDA 6-71

  • Seating: 37, 45, or 51

  • Luggage: None

  • Aisle Width: 20 inches

  • Front door width: 26 inches

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