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On August 2, 2011, Kenny Brooks, Dennis Cook, Bev Fitzpatrick and B.T. Fitzpatrick headed west on Interstate 64 - destination: Evansville, Indiana.  Ed Moll, owner of the former Audubon Trails Coach Lines based out of Evansville, graciously donated two of his 1968 GMC Buffalo coaches to the Buseum.  Ed ran his charter business for 30+ years and maintained his coached meticulously.  Thanks go to Mike Ondecker of the Ohio Museum of Transportation for contacting us about Ed's coaches and his interest in donating them to Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum, Inc.
Audubon Coaches 174 and 175 were formerly used by a charter company operating between Raleigh, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. making several stops in Virginia along their route.  Interestingly enough, the modernized, aerodynamic caps placed on the front roof section of each coach were built and attached to the coaches in Goodview, Virginia - about 15 miles east of Roanoke.

1968 GMC Buffalo's - Audubon Trails Coach Lines Nos. 174 and 175

These buses were destroyed by the fire.

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