1973 GMC TDH-3302 Staunton Transit No. 2 ("The Pumpkin")

This bus currently under repair for a broken windshield (June 2018).

Known to bus enthusiasts as the "Baby Fishbowl" due to its small size, this is a light-duty, 30 foot example of the General Motors "New Look" transit coach.  It is a very rare model that was intended for use in small cities and shuttle service.  These buses were originally equipped with ToroFlow engines but this bus was retrofitted with a more reliable 8.2L Detroit Diesel four-cycle V8 engine.
Coach 2 is one of eight buses ordered by Staunton Transit Service of Staunton, Virginia in March 1973.  Like most transit coaches in smaller cities, these served double duty as both city buses and school buses.  These were the last buses ordered by the City of Staunton and continued service until the Staunton Transit Service was dissolved in 1989.
This bus was donated by Sonny Merryman, Inc. in May 2002 and was cosmetically restored by CC & T.  It is nicknamed "The Pumpkin" due to its bright orange color  and small, rounded shape.  This bus was immediately pressed into service upon donation and has been a perennial favorite among the folks it has served.

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