1974 AM General, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority No. 7535

This bus not in service.

This bus was delivered to Washington, D.C. in July 1974 and was part of the first order of new buses acquired by the reorganized Metrobus System, which took over D.C. Transit in 1973.  This bus order was the largest ever made by Metrobus; 620 were ultimately delivered.  These were the first AM Generals ever made.  Some models included wall-to-wall carpet to entice the general public to use transit more.  This bus served the City of Washington, D.C. until 1987.
Coach 7535 was donated to and partially restored by the Virginia Museum of Transportation, where it stayed until donated to CC & T in August 2000.  Coach 7535 is one of only two known survivors from the original Washington fleet.
This former hard working bus is now awaiting restoration.

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