1976 Flxible New Look, Peninsula Transit Company (Pentran) No. 621

This bus was destroyed by the fire.

This is a 1976 Flxible New Look city bus.  This design was introduced in the early 1960s and was named for its stylish departure from previous coaches.  Bus number 621 was one of 83 new Flxibles purchased by Pentran of Hampton, Virginia between 1976 and 1977; it was built for the first half of the order that entered service in March 1976.  Pentran is one of the forerunners to Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).  This bus remained in route service through the early 1990s; it was later purchased by Blacksburg Transit, where it ran routes and shuttles at the Virginia Tech campus through the end of 1999.  This bus has been preserved as a museum exhibit since April 2000.

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