Coach 186 is a 1979 Grumman Flxible 870.  It was built in Delaware, Ohio and was one of 13 new buses delivered to Valley Metro of Roanoke, Virginia in September 1979.  Its original fleet number was 186; this was changed to 214 when Valley Metro renumbered thier buses in December 1991.  This type of coach was operated by the agency until retired from service in June 1994.  At this time bus number 186 was purchased by the Virginia Museum of Transportation (VMT) and operated as a charter bus until April 1997.
When this bus was new, its original cost was $105,000.  It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6v71 (six cylinder) engine and has a capacity of 45 seated and 70 standing.  It originally was equipped with a "kneeling" feature to allow improved access for disabled passengers.  The sleek 870 used Grumman's aerospace technology and materials; its advanced design was years ahead of its time and still looks modern today.
Coach 186 was donated by the VMT to the Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum in 2000.  It was restored into its original livery in March 2001 and was the first restoration undertaken by CC & T.  Today, Coach 186 is fully restored and operational.

1979 Grumman Valley Metro No. 186

This bus not currently available for trips.

Honor By August - Somebody Real - Official Music Video featuring Coach 186 - Filmed on location in Downtown Roanoke.

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