1982 GMC RTS Charlottesville Area Transit No. 819

This bus not currently available for trips.

This bus was one of 10 RTS coaches manufactured by GMC in Pontiac, Michigan in December 1981 for an order delivered to Charlottesville Transit Service the following month.  It was the very first RTS coach delivered to CTS as their initial order was numbered from 819 to 828.  Subsequent RTS orders were delivered in 1987 and 1992, and this was their primary coach fleet for many years.  While Coach 819 was retired in 2003, some of Charlottesville’s RTS fleet remained in service through 2006.


Originally designed and produced by General Motors, the RTS (Rapid Transit Series) design has been produced by several manufacturers since 1977. Known as an Advanced Design Bus, the RTS featured modular construction and sleek design that utilized flush panels and lightweight materials. The model designation of this bus, T70-604, denotes that it is in Transit configuration, built of 7 five-foot modules (35 feet), is 96 inches wide, and is the 4th edition of this body design, or Model 04. RTS buses can still be seen in service in several U.S. cities.


Donated to Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum by Charlottesville Transit Service (now Charlottesville Area Transit {CAT}) in summer 2003.

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