1989 TMC RTS Williamsburg Area Transit

This is a 1989 RTS. It was built by Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) of Roswell, New Mexico and was one of four delivered to Blacksburg Transit in September of that year. While two of those were the longer 40-foot coaches, this is a shorter 35-foot model. This RTS bus served Virginia Tech and the Town of Blacksburg at Blacksburg Transit as No. 1902 until it was replaced in May 2002 by a new fleet of low-floor, wheelchair-accessible buses.


Upon their retirement, the 1900s were purchased by Williamsburg Area Transport and repainted in the WAT livery. At that time, Coach 1902 was renumbered as JC250902 to denote that it was was property of James City County. The ex-Blacksburg RTS fleet ran regular service until 2008, when they were once again replaced by a new and more accessible fleet of buses. The county donated this bus to the CC&T in October of that year, and it has been preserved in their colors.


Originally designed and produced by General Motors, the RTS (Rapid Transit Series) design has been produced by several manufacturers since 1977. Known as an Advanced Design Bus, the RTS featured modular construction and sleek design that utilized flush panels and lightweight materials. The model designation of this bus, T70-206, denotes that it is in Transit configuration, built of 7 five-foot modules (35 feet), is 102 inches wide, and is the sixth edition of this body design, or Model 06. RTS buses can still be seen in service in several U.S. cities.

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