1991 Orion I Alexandria Transit Company Coach 28

This bus available for trips.

Coach 28, a 1991 Orion I, was built in Oriskany, New York and was one of 14 of its kind delivered to Alexandria Transit Company in January 1991.  Known publicly as DASH (Driving Alexandrians Safely Home), the company began service in 1984 to serve the City of Alexandria.  It connected with Metrobus, Metrorail, and the Fairfax Connector.  DASH ordered Orions exclusively during their first seven years of service.  Coach 28 was one of the last Type 1 coaches to be built for them.  While this model was technically designated as a 35-foot coach, it is actually 36.5 feet long.  These buses came with a price tag of $181,000 each when purchased new.


This bus is powered by a Cummins L10 four-stroke incline six cylinder diesel engine and features a Voith transmission.  It has been quite the workhorse during its service years and beyond.  When Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans in September 2005, DASH sent six of their Orion I buses down to assist with the evacuation and rescue efforts.  The buses operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for six months straight and their engines were rarely turned off.  When Coach 28 was donated by DASH to the Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum, Inc. in June 2006, it easily maintained highway speeds on the journey from Alexandria to Roanoke.


(Fred Donaher, Museum Curator, 2009)

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