Coach 9708 was built by the Gillig Corporation in Hayward, California and was one of nine new buses delivered to the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) in September 1997.  Lynchburg was the first City in the Commonwealth of Virginia to order Gillig buses and has been a loyal customer since their initial order of 30-foot Phantoms inn 1985.  While GLTC also purchased longer 35-foot versions of the Phantom, this was the shortest length of this type available and was ordered for use on GLTC's smaller routes.  This 1997 version was one of Lynchburg's last standard-floor buses ordered.  Coach 9708 was equipped with a wheelchair lift to make up for its otherwise prohibitive entry steps.


During its later years of service, this bus was used for the Liberty University Transit System that is operated for Liberty University by the GLTC to shuttle their students.  Coach 9708 remained in service until May 2010, when these buses were replaced by a new fleet of like-sized Gillig low floor hybrid coaches.


This coach is equipped with a Cummins C8.3 turbocharged diesel engine and an Allison electronically-controlled transmission.  It was donated to Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum, Inc. by GLTC in June 2010 and has been preserved with its original GLTC livery.

1997 30-Foot Gillig Phantom: Greater Lynchburg Transit Company No. 9708

This bus is not currently available for trips.

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