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1959 Southern Coach


The 1959 Southern Coach was put into service at Camp Lejeuene in 1959 and saw many years of service.  It was later sold to Wilks Community College in western North Carolina who changed the seats for long road trips.  From there it was purchased by a private owner in Virginia to become a motor home, but was never converted.  It was donated by the owner to CC & T in the fall of 2009.  With very little effort, it started up and drove about 25 miles to the CC & T bus barn.  It has a Detroit 671 engine with a five speed, manual transmission.


This coach is being restored to give veterans a ride in parades.  The exterior color will be FSN 8010-526-1609 Marine Green Semigloss with three inch yellow semigloss (color #33538) lettering.

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